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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Making Coloured Sand!

    We know you can buy your own - we do a lovely range! - but there is something amazing about making you sand change colour! As well as being fabulous fun it ticks lots of curriculum boxes!




    Use chalk! IMG_2912a

    Take those bright sidewalk chalks , grate and add to sand and make some great colours. All you need to a pack of chalk and a grater - great for teaching safety

    Simply grate the chalk into the sand and mix to create coloured sand.  Try with dry and wet sand to see the different effect s you can get. Add  various chalk colours to investigate colour mixing.


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    IMG_2905aUse Powder Paint!

    Powder paint works really well to make a strong vibrant sand colour. Here we have used a fluorescent powder to get a really bright blue colour.

    Simply add to the sand and mix! Once you have coloured why not add water and try painting with it - it makes a great textured paint to use with fingers!

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    IMG_2920But what next?

    The coloured sand was fun, did exactly what was expected but then one of our bright little B's thought what about GLITTER??? This was great fun we mixed in gold glitter and happened upon a brilliant sea scene that then turned it a pirate treasure small world! What other things could be mix with the sand or create - lets us know your ideas and we will give them a go...Join us on our next blog to see the what else we did with our sand and rollers, cutters and scrappers.


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