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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • School Events Calendar 2016 (April)

    What a month of inspired special events there are in April! So many opportunities to incorporate the prime areas of learning into every special event!

    We look forward to keeping you informed on all the days of interest each month, so you never miss out!

    Have a look at the fun things you can look forward to -  help children in understanding the world more by celebrating each special day at a time:


     April Fool's Day

    1st April  This day which is also known as All Fool's Day, is a humorous day celebrating the changing of the seasons.  Have a look at the BCreative Pinterest Boards for prime area learning inspiration!
    Jazz Appreciation Month 1st – end of April  A day dedicated to appreciating the history, music and musicians involved in Jazz. A time to look at the past, the present and the future of Jazz music.  Ideas for teachers on how to celebrate this season!
    National Pet Month 1st April – 2nd  May  This is a day of appreciation for all pets, it is also an opportunity for many organisations and animal lovers to raise money causes which support the well being of animals. www.nationalpetmonth.org.uk
    International Children's Book Day    2nd April   Marking the birthday of Danish storyteller Hans Christian Andersen(1805),  International Children's Book day promotes the love of children's books. www.ibby.org
    International Pillow Fight Day    2nd April     'Well who came up with this' we hear you say! It is an Urban Playground Movement initiative, encouraging people to play and set up their own events all over the world. It's aim it to promote conscious celebration in public spaces and replace unsocial experiences like watching TV. pillowfightday.com
    World Autism Awareness Day   2nd April    A day of awareness and celebration of special people among us with autism. We are all learning how to bridge the gap of communication and understanding together. Autism doesn't have to be limiting, there are more and more famous bright sparks leading the way such as young genius physicist Jacob Barnett. It's a day to acknowledge the hard work, love and understanding that it takes to make a change. www.facebook.com/worldautismawarenessday
    International Carrot Day  

    4th April     

      Carrot day was founded in 2003. On this day we celebrate the health benefits of Bugs Bunny's favourite vegetable.  Did you know pilots in World War II were told to eat carrots to improve their eye sight? Carrots provide us with beta-carotenes, falcarinol, vitamin A, minerals and anti-oxidants. Have a class carrot party! www.carrotday.com
    World Health Day   7th April  This day was established in 1948, the year the World Health Organisation was founded. Each year there is a theme, this year it is diabetes and raising awareness about prevention. www.who.int/campaigns/world-health-day/2016/event/en/
    Winston Churchill Day 9th April   In 1963 Winston Churchill was made an honorary US citizen by the president of America at the time, president J. F. Kennedy. This was a very rare honour which only Mother Theresa had been bestowed previously www.nationalchurchillmuseum.org
    National Experience Week  11th – 17th April  National Experience Week is celebrated in the UK to encourage ourselves and others to try new experiences, build self esteem and personal achievements in life. The Into The Blue organisation do an auction on exciting new experiences.  www.intotheblue.co.uk/national-experience-week/
    National Gardening Week  11th – 17th April  A time to get green-fingered and promote the healthy wonders of gardening. The Royal Horticultural Society will be offering a FREE gardening SOS service! Have fun building garden borders outside and planting seeds with children. www.nationalgardeningweek.org.uk/

    Russian Cosmonaut Day

    12th April   On this day in 1961 Russian astronaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, aboard Vostok 1. He spent 108 minutes in space. This marked the beginning of the space race! bbc.co.uk
    International Moment of Laughter Day  14th April  Humorologist Izzy Gesell initiated this day to create awareness of the health benefits of laughter. Laughter relieves stress, influences positive thinking and relationships. Laughter can even defuse resistance to change and build self confidence. http://bit.ly/1R6ONVC 
    International Jugglers Day  18th April  This day was originally established mid 1980s by the International Jugglers' Association. This day we celebrate the act of juggling. How many objects can you juggle at a time?! :) www.juggle.org
    Earth Day  22nd April   Celebrate Earth Day and make a difference to the planet. Established in 1970, this day raises consciousness and action in environmental global issues. Grab an educational Earth Day tool kit from earthday.org.  www.earthday.org
    World Day for Laboratory Animals  24th April   Established in 1979 by the British National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) , this is a day to commemorate all animals past and present in laboratories. It is also a day to promote future alternatives to animal testing. It falls on the birthday of former NAVS president Hugh Dowding.  www.wdail.org    or    www.navs.org.uk

    World Penguin Day

     25th April     World Penguin Day is the day the native Antarctic penguins start their annual migration northward. www.worldpenguinday.com 
    Allergy Awareness week  25th April – 1st May  A week to raise awareness of different  varieties of allergies and to promote well-being for those who suffer.  www.allergyuk.org/other-ways-to-help/give-a-car
    Passover (Jewish) 23rd - 30th April  Passover is one of the most important celebrations in the Jewish calendar. It commemorates the liberation of the Children of Israel out of Egypt, led my Moses.
    International Marconi Day  23rd April    Thank you physicist and inventor, Guglielmo Marconi, for the invention of the radio! Many had been trying to create a wireless telegraphy system, but it was Marconi's improvements that helped create the first successful wireless! He patented his system in 1896 and established the Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company in London. In 1898 Marconi transmitted signals across the English Channel and in 1901 established communication with St. John's, Newfoundland, from Poldhu in Cornwall. Some dispute it was Nikola Tesla who made the discovery but that's another story.  www.marconi-veterans.org
    St George’s Day  23rd April   St George is the patron saint of England. The medieval legend of St George the crusader and the dragon are still told today. www.stgeorgesday.com 
    Shakespeare Day  23rd April  This day is William Shakespeare's birthday! He was an English poet, playwright and actor, 1564-1616. Celebrate his works and the countless events running the week on his birthday!  shakespeareweek.org.uk
    World Stationary Day   27th April  On World Stationary Day we celebrate the power of the written word. In an increasing digital world let's not loose the skill of writing!  worldstationeryday.com
    Orthodox Holy Saturday                                  30th April   Orthodox churches in the UK mark Holy Saturday as the day of watchful expectation. The mourning period wanes and people wait for Easter Sunday, which is the day when Jesus was resurrected. Many Greek Orthodox Christians believe in the Holy Fire, which they say is a miracle that occurs at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Holy Saturday every year.  

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