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Monthly Archives: October 2016

  • School Events Calendar 2016 (November)

    Remember, remember the 5th of November. It's time to start the Christmas count down, raise awareness of healthy eating is schools, spread kindness and remember the great men throughout history. This month is full of themes to inspire the next generation of little learners.

    For every yearly event visit our Bcreativetolearn Pinterest Boards, full of preschool activity inspirations in all learning/ topic areas.

    We look forward to keeping you informed on all the days of interest each month, so you never miss out!

    Have a look at the fun things you can look forward to -  help children in understanding the world more by celebrating each special day at a time:

     National School Meals Week 31st Oct - 4th Nov Supported and run by LACA (Local Authority Caterers Association) it’s a time to share awareness of the importance of healthy eating in our nation’s educational settings. Find teacher printables, useful links, recipes and tips on the Great School Lunch website as well as Jamie Oliver’s website. Need inspiration? Last year schools invited parents, staff and community members for a roast dinner. What will you be doing in your educational setting? Download a free fruit and vegetable colouring in poster here. thegreatschoollunch.co.uk
     All Saints' Day 1st Nov On November the 1st the Catholic Church celebrates all of the saints that reached heaven. There are millions of saints but on this day the church celebrate its most famous ones (the canon of the saints). It is also celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox Church., Anglican churches, Anglican, Lutheran and some Protestant churches. catholic.org
      World Vegan Day  1st Nov This year scientists told us that we need to decrease our meat consumption, which plays a massive role in global warming. Take the opportunity today to celebrate and learn healthy tips from vegans around the world. Are there children in your learning setting that are vegans? Or maybe they simply prefer veggies? Explore interesting recipes in your healthy eating topics that are animal free perhaps.  Try new recipes in class. Have you noticed the increase of online videos of children discussing how they don’t want to eat animals? They are super endearing, enough to make you stop and think about your animal consumption. Ask the children in your learning setting how they feel about eating animals. vegansociety.com
    National Stress Awareness Day 2nd Nov Established in 1999 by the ISMA (International Stress Management Association, it’s a time to recognise where we are all at in our work and learning environments. Are we taking care of our own well being and the well being of those around us? Teachers were reported to have been doing 60-hour weeks in 2016. Also this year we’ve become aware of new stress levels rising in very young children due to constant testing. What methods do you use to relieve and prevent stress? Some schools have introduced Mindfulness programmes to increase happiness levels in classrooms and reduce stress. Another good link is the Stress Management Society. For more info in the day visit the ISMA website. isma.org.uk
    National Jigsaw Day 3rd Nov In a world full of gadgets pick a puzzle and immerse children into a puzzle activity. Big puzzles are a great group activity promoting social skills, problem solving and communication. Not to mention it is very relaxing and meditative. It's also good focus training.

    @wentworthpuzzle #nationaljigsawday

    Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) 5th Nov What would have happened if 13 young Catholic men (including Guy Fawkes) had succeeded in blowing up parliament in 1605?  It is said that the new King of the time was not so tolerant of the Catholic religion, so the rebellion chose to take violent action. The people lit fires to celebrate the safety of King James I and thus begun Bonfire Night. Find lots of fun Guy Fawkes downloadable teacher printables and craft ideas on our British Values Pinterest Board. bonfirenight.net
    Remembrance Day 13th Nov On this day we remember and honour all who were sacrificed themselves to serve, protect and secure our nation’s freedom. Let us never forget especially the great WWI (1914-1918) and WWII (1939 to 1945). Again you can find poppy making activities on our Pinterest site. britishlegion.org.uk
    Kindness Day UK 13th Nov Introduced in 1998, take the opportunity to promote the level of kind acts and the importance of being kind within your learning setting. You can check our Pinterest boards for fun arts & crafts ideas. One idea is to make paper stained glass mini beasts to give to someone as an act of kindness. Last year the Horley Infant School made paper chains of kindness and 'chased away sad clouds’ with kindness kites! What will you do? kindnessuk.com
    Anti Bullying Week 14th - 18th Nov The theme this year is the ‘Power For Good’. There will be shows and workshops on offer to educational settings throughout the UK during this week. We need to continue to be aware of the new age of cyber-bullying and e-safety. In early years, you could use a puppet show for example to get across online safety awareness and the importance of being kind to friends and people who are different. anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk or  antibullyingweek.co.uk
    International Men's Day 19th Nov Celebrate all the good and great men that have contributed to human kind on November 19th.  The United Nations also supports this day to recognise the importance of fathers and the role they play in the nurture and upbringing of children. It is also an opportunity to celebrate what men and women have achieved together. Whether in the betterment of society, education, technology or social matters. Find some fun arts, crafts and printable sheets on our Pinterest board. mensday.ws
    Universal Children's Day 20th Nov This special day was initiated by the United Nations and ‘resolution 836(IX) made on the 14th of Dec  1954. Let’s devote this day to observing the goals, ideals and current welfare of children across the world. 2016 has had its challenges for many of our global early years citizens. Let’s come together and inspire resolutions and positive choices to impact the children of tomorrow. This means also listening to what they have to say about their own future on this planet. Children of all ages took the US government and big oil companies to court this year. This is one of many signs that our young children have new ideas and expectations for their future they want us to hear about. Let’s pay attention. Get children talking & creative in your learning setting about what children all over the world want perhaps? un.org   or   unicef.org.uk
    Learning to Finger Spell Week  20th - 26th Nov  Launched by HerBuzz.com, ‘Learn to Finger Spell Week’ is here to encourage more of the general public to learn British sign language. Do you know your alphabet? Perhaps you could teach children in your learning setting how to sign hello. There has been an increase of the simpler version used in SEN education called Makaton. You may already know more than you think as there are a lot of similarities. CBeeBies Mr Tumbble can help too! herbuzz.com
    Road Safety Week 21st -27th Nov Charity Brake urges all educators to sign up well in advance for their action packs on the Road Safety Week website. Link your chosen activities to the ‘Make The Pledge’ 2016 theme and any other road safety topic you have planned. The aim is to decrease road accidents and increase sustainable and healthy travel. You can also link the event compulsory curriculum subjects such as science and geography. This also links nicely to cycling and sports topics. Email: roadsafetyweek@brake.org.uk  or register here.

    #roadsafetyweek #brakepledge

    First Sunday of Advent 27th Nov This marks the beginning of the lead up to Christmas! Want more inspirational arts and craft ideas visit our Pinterest board and take your pick. uk.pinterest.com/BCreativeEcon
    St Andrews Day

    (Scottish Bank Holiday)

    30th Nov Now you probably know St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland but did you know he was also the patron saint of Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Greece, Colombia, Barbados and Cyprus? The Scottish government officially a bank holiday in 2006. St Andrew was an apostle between the first to mid century. He was the elder brother of St Peter the baptist. You will see him being referred to in the New Testament. You could make Scottish flags today in your learning setting, the whole of Scotland will be joining you. scotland.org/st-andrews-day

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