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How to make Mother's Day Card Cuddlers!

Our mission - to create a craft celebrating Mother's Day


We wanted to make sure our project was fun as well as teaching the little ones some good skills so our resident Art Teacher came up with the fab idea of card holders. They're not only useful for Mother's Day but they're reusable for lots of different occasions and the perfect take home gift! We think these are ideal to show your Mum just how much you care on Mothers' Day and are perfect for holding those homemade Mother's Day cards.


We invited our handy Little B into to the office and we had a go at making these polystyrene heart cardholders and so we could share it with you!!


We've made sure to put the list of materials we used down at the bottom of the page so that you can have a go.


First, we grabbed a bag of our polystyrene hearts (M558)

-This is a perfect time to talk about 3D shapes but also to learn about the different textures and densities of materials!


Picture of polystyrene hearts.


We spoke to our Little B spoke about how these polystyrene hearts are super versatile to decorate- you can paint them, draw on them and stick things to them. The possibilities are endless and are a great way to encourage child lead play! Little B decided to put glitter, paint and stick tissue paper to ours. We thought they turned out pretty cool!
- Whilst they are decorating children can learn about different textures, colours whilst enjoying messy play. For example mixing red and white paint together gave us a chance to talk about colour mixing and the different shades of pink paint we could create.


 Picture of heart art and crafts.


Once our Little B had decorated our hearts we made a hole with a pen or pencil into the side of polystyrene heart for the arms! (This could be done with an older child or adult.) We also put in holes for the legs and a hole in the back for a tail to make sure the card holder stood up!

Gif of boy poking hole in polystyrene heart


Then we grabbed our pipe cleaners (GC826) Little B then folded them in half and twisted them to make the arms, legs and tails-  the bending and the twisting makes the pipe cleaners sturdier. Our Little B then inserted the pipe cleaner into the polystyrene hearts we'd made earlier to add life to the hearts. -This is perfect for working on fine motor skills!


Gif of boy twisting pipe cleaners


Our Little B was then free to put on any further decorations he wanted, like wiggly eyes, foam hearts and more glitter!
-It's a fun task to teach children about parts of the face. Where do the eyes go? Where would the mouth go?


Polystyrene hearts decoration



We took Mother's Day Cards, family pictures, letters and we put them in the arms of these adorable little cardholders and put them on display all around our office!

These are good to be reused for lots of occasions and are fantastic to actually make, I know me and Little B had A LOT of fun.


Valentine's Day/ Mthers day polystyrene hearts card holders.


What we used:

Polystyrene Hearts (M558)
Assorted Pipe Cleaners (GC826)
Wiggly eyes (GC142)
Peel and Stick foam hearts (GC616)

Ready Mix Paint (P613)
Iridescent Glitter (Z167)

Pink & Red Card (C346RED & C346PINK)


polystyrene heart card holders.

 Let us see your Heart Cardholders!

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