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June is full of interesting days! Including World Environment, D Day and World Meat Free day! June is also a great month for being conscious with things like World Oceans Day and Child Safety Week

We look forward to keeping you informed on all the days of interest each month, so you never miss out!

Have a look at the fun things you can look forward to -  help children in understanding the world more by celebrating each special day at a time:

Butterfly Education & Awareness Day

 4th June Today we get ourselves into a flutter! Observe the fascinating life of a butterfly. Did you know that the larger the butterfly is the longer its life span? The average life span is one precious month! Some garden butterflies may live only one week! Monarchs, Mourning Cloaks and some tropical Heliconians have a 9 month average life span. Perhaps a day out with the children photographing the butterflies is in order! You may wish to visit the Butterfly Conservation website to help identify your findings. butterfly-conservation.org/52/first-butterfly-sightings-2016.html  

World Environment Day 

 5th June The UN has been hosting World Environment Day every year since 1972, encouraging people to be more mindful and kind to our environment and realise that we are all responsible for the changes that need to be made. Climate Change has become a reality with global warming causing sea levels to rise. You can take a ‘call to action’ and arrange a community clean up. Be an example to our future younger generations and inspire responsible clean action. www.unep.org

D Day (WWII)

 6th June The 'D' in D-Day is a military term used to refer to a date and doesn't stand for anything but we now remember it as the special day we begun our winning invasion against Nazi Germany and its leader Adolf Hitler. The Nazis had taken over nearly the whole of Europe. In 1944, 6.30pm on the 6th of June our troops and allied troops invaded the Normandy coastline in Northern France. www.britishlegion.org.uk 

Child Safety Week

 5th-11th June Organised by the Child Accident Prevention Trust this week is aimed at anyone working with children to help creative positive awareness and solutions to helping children live happy, healthy, safe and active lives without being wrapped in cotton wool.  Accidental injury is one of the biggest killers of children in the UK. It’s a time not for paranoia but rather of gaining a greater understanding for real risks and gain skills in how to deal with them in our everyday learning setting.  www.capt.org.uk 

World Oceans Day

7th June  World Ocean day is the day we celebrate the ocean. This year's theme is plastic pollution and it is a look at how we can conserve the world's oceans. http://www.worldoceansday.org/ 

Bike to School & Work Week 

  10-18th June There are many bike events happening throughout the UK this week (i.e. Tour de Wolds) all in aid of promoting cycling road awareness, health benefits and environmental impact.  bikeweek.org.uk  

World Meat Free Day

12th June One day without meat shouldn't be too hard! The day is there to create awareness as to the benefits of not eating meat not only to the body but also the environment. http://www.worldmeatfreeday.com/
 Father’s Day 18th June  This is a day to honour all fathers, grandfathers, father-in-laws and all father figures in our lives.  
 Summer Solstice 21st June  Also known as ‘Midsummer’ it’s the longest day of the year. On this day the sun will not set at the North Pole! It may vary between June 20th and June 22 around the rest of the world depending on your time zone. Solstice comes from the Latin meaning ‘sun-stopping’ referring to the horizon point which the sun rises and sets. On the solstice the sun doesn’t rise precisely in the East but in the North East and sets in the North West, making it visible for a longer period of time.
National School Sports Week 26th – 30th June  On your marks, get set, go! Organised by the Youth Sport Trust, we spread awareness throughout schools in the UK of the importance of sports to children with the running of extra sports days and events. In 2015 over a million children took part in events in the whole country. It’s a great time for young people to discover new sports and have go! www.youthsporttrust.org/national-school-sport-week
 Public Services Day  23rd June  The UN, on this day every year,  hold an event to reward and highlight the work performed by public services in recognition to their contribution to upholding our society and way of life. http://www.un.org/en/events/publicserviceday/
 St John’s Day (Midsummer Day) 24th June  St John the Baptist Day is celebrated by Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics. John the Evangelist is said to be one of Jesus’ twelve apostles.
 Wrong Trousers Day  24th June   

This is a chance to celebrate our British animator Nick Park’s creation of world loved characters, Wallace and Gromit..  Wear the wrong trousers and raise money for the Wallace and Gromit Children’s Foundation throughout the UK.

 #GoGadgetFree National Unplugging Day 25th June  We are living in a high speed digital age so it is important we all learn to know when it is time to unplug and balance our on-line and off-line computer time. Time for family and time for outdoor play!  According to MyFamilyClub.co.uk parents check their phones up to 240 times per day (6000 UK parent survey). Instead of spending time on computer games, mobiles,  ipads, etc, how will you #GoGadgetFree  and spend the day together?  Visit the National Unplugging Day website. www.nationalunpluggingday.co.uk
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