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Seasonal Displays! Working Walls!


Pull all the decorations down it is time for the Spring display boards!

We know you all cover different topics at different times so we have looked at a couple that are most popular at this time of year and ways they can be incorporated into learning walls.


Working or Learning Walls!


A what? Not heard of them you soon will! Working walls are dsigned to change daily to support the learning in the classroom as it progresses. The display may start as one thing but evolve into something quite different!

Working walls can be incorporated into any topics of areas of learning. Although t they have been most popular so far for literacy and numeracy we can see they moving into the other areas for EYFS.

Learning walls are a fantastic tool - as well as letting everyone know what the topics or obecjtive is, they can be used to teach key points and display childrens works.


Below we have put together some ideas for working walls with differenaation.


Stacking Snowmen!

Are you covering winter as a topic or seasons?

These cute snowmen will make a great working wall for the cold start to the Spring Term and even better than can be adapted to support literacy or numeracy.

The idea is to stack the snow balls to create



Ready to go calendar Ready to go calendar


What do we need:

  • Card
  • Calendar blank or calendar tab
  • Coloured Card
  • Scissors
  • Paper Fasteners
  • Pens / Pencils / Crayons
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Modelling dough / Blu Tac


Making our circle of seasons


  •  Cut out a circle of card or paper
  • Fold into quarters, then unfold so the quarter line can be seen
  • Add an image or words to represent each season (one per quarter)
  • Stick on to the calendar blank or card you will attach the calendar tab to
  • Cut another circle of card or paper
  • Fold into a quarter and unfold
  • Cut out one quarter ( you should be left with a Pac-man shape!)
  • Place on top of your season circle
  • Find the middle of both with a sharp pencil, place some modelling dough underneath and push the pencil through to make a hole through all three sheets of card (you could always use a compass!)
  • Push a paper fastener though the hole and bend back to fasten
  • Now the top cut out circle can be moved to show the current season


Making the calendar come to life Making the calendar come to life!



  • Discuss quarters and other fractions
  • Discuss seasons and how the year can be divided into quarters
  • Have a circle pre-cut or allow children to find objects to act as templates. They can then create the circles themselves
  • Provide collage items to represent the seasons (see below for a few ideas!)


Seasonal craft items Seasonal craft items

Areas of learning covered by this activity:

  • Expressive arts and design, creative development, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, knowledge and understanding of the world, mathematics, science, problem solving and reasoning


Final 11 (rectangle attempt) Three calendars - Nursery, Year 2 and Year 5. Can you guess which is which?



Other ideas...

The ideas we've mentioned above are just one way of decorating your own calendar.  Have a look at these other great ideas for making calendars that last all year!


Use handprints to represent seasons as shown on the Maggie Trammell blog Use handprints to represent seasons as shown on the Maggie Trammell blog
trees Use a tree to show to seasons with different collage materials - from Twinkl

 There are loads of ideas out there so feel free to share yours with us!



Join us next week where we will be talking about 2016, and discussing display ideas that will start off the new term with a bang!

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